Tough Link Connectors

Tough Link Connector offers unique opportunities for corporate and private investors. The ever growing demand for products opens investment programs to venture capital investors. International partnerships welcomed.

Tough Link Barges  / Tough Link Connectors has been awarded, national and international on all of its patents in the design and engineering of its Connecting Systems.


This alone proves its unique and considering the ever demand for unique inventions. The private and public infrastructure projects in the building and repairing of bridges, waterway dredging, bulkheads, exploration, demolition, marine construction, ship dry docks, or any where there is a need for floatation platforms, we offer solutions. 

National - International Contact


Bob Vestal    1+ (904) 424-9773


Custom designs and linked together as one tough connection.

Our Patented Connector System can connect any Barge - any Size together as one!

Leasing  - Rental - Building Opportunities Available!