Tough Link Connector

A Tough Link Connector is unique in its design and gives the user flexible options for their own structure. Attachments are secured easily. Completely engineered  for the working crew.

Designed & Engineered to be linked as one! Any Barge ! Any Size! Yours or Ours!  Built-in Added Value!

Flexible in design layout and linked together as one tough Connection.


This example shows utilizing our Patented Connecting System we can Connect any Barge and any Size together as one.


Shown above is a Tough Link Barge, the only fully engineering portable barge, can be built to job specifications. Designs available can have built-in Spud Pockets. Designs to build extendable Dry Docks.

Our Patented Connecting System is adaptable, can be retro-fitted. Large barges shipped can be connected together as one. Custom designed to fit any size barge. Built in values when designing barges to be connected as one. Huge savings in shipping.

Use our Patented connecting systems when designing barges!

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