Tough Link Connectors

A Tough Link Connectors is designed and engineered to handle all marine applications. For Barges, Dry Docks, and floating  infrastructure projects. Our connection system allows contractors to configure and connect structures that meets their needs.


Flexible in design layout and linked together as one!


A Tough Link Connection system is patented. It’s designed for all applications and can be modified to fit your applications. For sectional barge systems, extending floating dry docks, custom dry docks, large barges, floating structures, and bridges. Can be engineered and designed to connected larger platforms of various sizes and shapes together.


Can be retro-fitted to most existing structures, barges, dry docks, and floating structures.

Our quick link system offers several amenities in the set-up, layout design, and day to day operations. Tough link Connectors  are perfect for the following applications:



•  Private And Public Infrastructure Projects

•  Bridge Construction

•  Dam Construction

•  Pile Driving

•  Dredging

•  Railroad Bridge Construction

•  Waterway Clearing Construction

•  Canal Construction

•  Floating Construction Platforms

•  Marine Equipment Transportation

•  Dry Dock Platforms





•  Construction Contractors

•  Diving Contractors

•  Dredging Contractors

•  Ship and Boat Construction Contractors

•  Stevedoring




•  Floating Stages

•  Fireworks Launching Platforms

•  Party Barges

Our Patented connecting system, by design and engineering, can connect and link as one.


Utilize our connection system when designing your next structure.


National & International Patents

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